Análisis de la implementación del filtro afectivo en el diseño de actividades con TIC para la adquisición de competencias comunicativas en el aprendizaje de inglés

  1. Lourdes Isabel Jiménez Arias
Supervised by:
  1. María Rosa Fernández Sánchez Director

Defence university: Universidad de Extremadura

Year of defence: 2017

  1. Carmen Alba Pastor Chair
  2. Rocío Anguita Martínez Secretary
  3. Jesús Valverde Berrocoso Committee member

Type: Thesis


This action research aimed to analyze the result of implementing the affective filter components (motivation, self-confidence and anxiety reducing strategies) in the design of activities which use technology to contribute to the development of communicative competences in language learning. The process was carried out under the design of an action research supported by mixed methods. In order to accomplish this, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) activities to which components of the affective filter were implemented, were created. The use of these activities was processed by triangulation involving observation sheets, questionnaires, interviews and research journal. The process was made in three cycles where language students of Tecnológica Equinoccial University in Quito (Ecuador) participated. The percentages indicate that implementation of affective filter components affect positively in the predisposition to acquire a second language and this is even more noticeably if technology is used.