Estudio evaluativo de prevención del acoso escolar con un videojuego

  1. Jorge Guerra Antequera
Supervised by:
  1. Francisco Ignacio Revuelta Domínguez Director

Defence university: Universidad de Extremadura

Fecha de defensa: 28 June 2017

  1. María Esther del Moral Pérez Chair
  2. María José Sosa Díaz Secretary
  3. Francesc J. Sánchez Peris Committee member

Type: Thesis

Teseo: 467057 DIALNET


The use of video games in the classroom is a relatively new paradigm, framed within Edutainment, and with a playful consideration. However, it was decided to explore its academic side and through the research is trying to find the way to integrate them in the educational contexts (Etxeberría, 2001, Buckingham, 2006, LaCasa, 2012, Pérez, 2012, Revuelta y Guerra, 2012; Méndez and Del Moral, 2015 and Tost and Boira, 2015). In this Doctoral Thesis, a serious video game has been integrated to deal with bullying, which is a frequent problem in the educational context (Olweus, 2001, Oñate and Piñuel, 2007, Polo, León, Gómez, Palacios And Fajardo, 2013 and Polo, León and Gozalo, 2013). In order to carry out this research, a quasi-experiment has been carried out in a public school in the city of Cáceres with students from 5th and 6th grade Primary Education divided into 4 groups, two control groups and two experimental groups. These groups were given a questionnaire related to emotional and behavioral problems. The control groups faced a pretest and a posttest and the experimental groups performed a pretest, a treatment with the video game Monité and finally a postest. For the analysis of these data by statistical procedures. The realization of these tests has led us to a series of conclusions which show that the treatment with the serious game works and, therefore, minimizes behaviors associated with the processes of bullying.