Aprendiendo juntos con garantías de calidadcooperación, socialización y evaluación en la enseñanza universitaria

  1. Juan José Sosa Alonso
  2. José Diego Santos Vega
  3. Ana Vega Navarro
  4. Javier Marrero Acosta
De la innovación imaginada a los procesos de cambio
  1. Ana Vega Navarro (coord.)
  2. David Stendardi (coord.)

Publisher: Servicio de Publicaciones ; Universidad de La Laguna

ISBN: 978-84-15939-62-7

Year of publication: 2018

Pages: 45-66

Type: Book chapter


Collaborative learning is becoming increasingly important in our training and socialization systems and processes.However, the integration of these learning dynamics among peers requires careful planning on the part of the teacher, adequate development and follow-up, and the involvement and complicity of the student body.To ensure that the aim of collaboration is oriented in the proper sense, innovation processes have been developed in 5 subjects of the Degree of Pedagogy, involving about 300 students. This innovation processes had as objectives the detection of strengths and weaknesses in the collaborative learning of the students, promote the improvement of teaching methodologies through the active involvement of students in their learning and assessment and provoke in the students reflection on the processes of collaborative learning, improving their skills and training, among others. For the evaluation of the experience, a follow-up and report process (collaborative diary) was used, which synthesized the decisions adopted for the adoption of the agreed innovations, their development and the perceptions and reflections generated around it.The integration of these perceptions has served as an element of discussion and debate among the members of the group.The perception of the students have been collected through two questionnaires, one aimed at assessing cooperation structures and another aimed at assessing their learning in terms of acquisition of skills and satisfaction with the subjects studied.