De la teoría a la práctica educativa en igualdad

  1. Ana Vega Navarro 1
  2. Sara García Cuesta 1
  3. Bernardo Candela Sanjuan 1
  4. José Diego Santos Vega 1
  5. Matilde Díaz Hernández 1
  6. Esther Torrado Martín-Palomino 1
  1. 1 Universidad de La Laguna

    Universidad de La Laguna

    San Cristobal de La Laguna, España


De los procesos de cambio al cambio con sentido
  1. Vega Navarro, Ana (coord.)

Verlag: Servicio de Publicaciones ; Universidad de La Laguna

ISBN: 978-84-16471-20-1

Datum der Publikation: 2019

Seiten: 31-50

Art: Buch-Kapitel

DOI: 10.25145/B.INNOVAULL.2019.002 DIALNET GOOGLE SCHOLAR lock_openRIULL editor

Objetivos de desarrollo sostenible


The group of educational innovation «Feminario ULL» has been working for several years to incorporate the gender perspective in university teaching. During the course 2017/2018 has continued with this task, whose objectives have been: a) perform a needs analysis from each subject involved in the project; b) provoke reflection in the students on the conditions of women and obstacles to real equality in Spanish and international society; and c) design strategies and actions to make visible the sexist stereotypes both inside and outside the classroom in orden to get social equality. This text shows the efforts dedicated to this work and some of the results obtained, especially the strategies that have made students reflect and incorporate the perspective gender into their daily lives as well as into their academic practices, and also outside the classroom, through different dissemination actions that have led to a broad public debate and ideas.