Pedagogies and poetics of agencya narrative inquiry on embodies strategies in a culture of resistance

Dirigida por:
  1. Fernando Hernández Director

Universidad de defensa: Universitat de Barcelona

Fecha de defensa: 20 de septiembre de 2017

  1. Leonardo Crochik Presidente/a
  2. Paulo Padilla Petry Secretario
  3. Judit Vidiella Vocal

Tipo: Tesis

Teseo: 511873 DIALNET lock_openTDX editor


This present project is inserted in a transdisciplinary approach, focusing on paths of how Cultural Pedagogy is performed among artists of the city of Fortaleza, Brazil – in the context of socially constructed and embodied agencies. Through their narratives, cartographical timelines and an experiential engagement with the subjects, this project aims: 1) To understand how pedagogy takes its roll in the social construction and embodiment of forms of agency of artist from Fortaleza, with a possible content and poetics of resistance. 2) To create a dialogue among the categories of Cultural Pedagogy, Resistance, Agency and Embodiment. 3) To raise possible interrogations / connections out of the rich narratives provided by the ten artists/subjects. As a performer, educator and researcher, the author places himself, also, as a subject, exploring the relationship among the categories of the investigation, his own experiences (in physical and creative practices) and the narratives of ten artists portrayed as possessing a social and/or political content in their poetics. Furthermore, under a phenomenological approach, this research develops the concept of Will as Social Desire and introduces lines of learning reasonings on Moving Agencies and Proprioception. Keywords: Cultural Pedagogy; Resistance; Agency; Narratives; Embodiment; Will