La opinión del profesorado de Galicia sobre los materiales didácticos y musicales en educación infantil

  1. Vicente Álvarez, Rosa María
  2. Rodríguez Rodríguez, Jesús
RELAdEI: revista latinoamericana de educación infantil

ISSN: 2255-0666

Année de publication: 2015

Titre de la publication: Materiales y Recursos Didácticos para la Educación Infantil

Volumen: 4

Número: 1

Pages: 19-44

Type: Article

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Purpose. The present study deals with teacher perception of musical materials for Early Childhood education in Galician classrooms. Recommendations are made for measures to be taken by institutions and professionals involved in the process of design, selection and use of teaching materials. Aim. To analyze the characteristics and use of music teaching materials in early childhood education. Methodology. The empirical research follows a multi-method line of work, including the application of an opinion questionnaire with a sample of 568 teachers who teach in early childhood education in Galician schools and 10 semi-structured interviews to complete the analysis of our study. The dimensions analyzed are the following: teacher training in the use of music teaching materials; awareness, use, selection and elaboration of materials; and availability of teaching materials and their use in school spaces. Results. Teacher opinions reflect the need to develop proposals for increasing knowledge of materials and their use in specific contexts, parting from a reflection on appropriate assessment guides. Not only the initial and continuous training of teachers should be modified, but more attention should be given to the influence of economic interests and publisher’s proposal. Moreover, we should move in the direction of teacher professional development through the use of materials. Main conclusions. The institutions involved should give more attention and importance to educational materials, not only with respect to formal or structural aspects, but also insofar as context, procedural possibilities, and resource development at schools.