Trayectorias docentes e investigadoras en la universidad. 24 historias de vida profesional. Los efectos de los cambios en el trabajo y la vida profesional de los docentes universitarios

  1. Juana María Sancho Gil
  2. Fernando Hernández Hernández
  3. Sandra Martínez Pérez
  4. Patricia Hermosilla
  5. Amalia Creus
  6. Aida Sánchez de Serdio Martín
  7. Montserrat Rifà Valls
  8. Paulo Padilla Petry
  9. Adriana Ornellas
  10. Virginia Rosa Ferrer Cerveró
  11. Alejandra Montané López
  12. Alicia Cid Reborido
  13. Luis Hernández Yáñez
  14. Xosé Henrique Costas González
  15. Lurdes Sagarzazu Unanue
  16. Rafael Ruiz Álvarez
  17. Pilar Campíns-Falcó
  18. Antonio Aparicio Juan
  19. Francisco Javier Tejedor Tejedor
  20. Fernando Romero Subiron
  21. María Isabel Merodio de la Colina
  22. Marina Gordaliza

Publisher: Universidad de Barcelona

Year of publication: 2013

Type: Book


This text is part of a research project “The effects of social change at work and professional life of academics”, partly funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation (SEJ2006-01876), in which we explored change in legislation, institutional organization, research, management and education in the last thirty years. The main objective of the study was to deepen our understanding of the impact of economic, social, cultural, technologicaland labour change undergoing in Spanish universities in the professional life and identity of teachers and researchers, taking into account the national and European contexts. This publication contains the 24 professional life histories developed about or with many other university teachers. Their analysed and contextualized narrativesare a significant contribution to research-based knowledge on professional knowledge and experience in Spanishuniversities, and therefore for our understanding of how scholars are facing and coping with current change.