E-portafoliosla búsqueda de un software coherente con la propuesta de enseñanza

  1. Fernando Fraga Varela
  2. Adriana Gewerc Barujel
RED: revista de educación a distancia

ISSN: 1578-7680

Year of publication: 2009

Issue: 8

Pages: 6

Type: Article

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  • Social Sciences: B


In this paper, we describe the e-portfolio as a tool which makes it possible to put together an education proposal that fulfils the new universities demands in general and a teacher education for the needs imposed by information and knowledge society. In that context, we emphasize the analysis of the process of finding software allows us to pursue our goals. This is shown in the need to locate technology resources tailored to the educational needs, also transforming them into the context of the practice located. Has been selected and adapted software (Elgg) working on the need to recognize the prominence of the subject and their individuality in the organization of their own learning (Personal Learning Environment-PLE-)