El modelo de consulta - asesoramiento en orientación

  1. Santana Bonilla, Pablo Joel
  2. Santana Vega, Lidia Esther
Revista de investigación educativa, RIE

ISSN: 0212-4068

Year of publication: 1998

Issue Title: Orientación: Aspectos actuales y futuros

Volume: 16

Issue: 2

Pages: 59-78

Type: Article

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  • Social Sciences: A


This article examines the school consultation model and its significance for the people who develop consultation functions in schools. We begin with a conceptual clarification of different terms used in the literature for refering to consultation and a survey of several school consultation models as well as different classifications of models in educational guidance. The article concludes posing so me challenges that face the people who adopt the consultation modelo Among them we stress the need to rethink consultation as the support to school development and the need, for every consultant, to develop a way of working that is built on personal reflection and a wide knowledge of the school context.