University: Universidad de Santiago de Compostela

Area: Didactics and School Organisation

Research group: Grupo de Investigación Stellae


Personal web:

Primary education teacher with a degree in Philosophy and Education Sciences (Educational Sciences section) in 1991. I'm now a teacher of the Department of Pedagogy and Didactics (Area of Didactics and School Organization) at the University of Santiago de Compostela. I am teaching the subject “School, Community and ICT” (for Primary Education degree) and “Improvement and Use of ICT” (for degree in early childhood education). I have also taught other subjects such as the following: “Intervention Using the Media” (degree in Pedagogy) and “Educational Media and Resources” (Degree in Psycho-pedagogy). Director of the journal “Innovación Educativa” (, jointly published by the Area of Didactics and School Organization and the Institute of Educational Sciences (ICE) with the involvement of the Service of Publication and Scientific Exchangeof the University of Santiago. I´m also the author of a number of articles, books and other publications that deal with the area of new technologies for education (virtual teaching and learning environments and didactic media and resources). I participate actively in the research projects carried out by the Stellae Group, both at a national and international level.